Top 5 PlayStation 5 Features Gamers Want at Launch

We all know that PlayStation 5 has been in development for a while now and it should release within 2 years.
So let’s talk about top 5 features I would like to see PS 5 to be shipped with Day One.

Being a PC gamer myself I really appreciate ability to go back to some of the older titles to play them again or play titles that I have missed in the past.
Sony really need to make the PlayStation 5 feel like a culmination of the PlayStation brand by honoring its past with backwards compatibility.
Even though PS3 emulation may be a difficult task to achieve I believe that Sony should at least include PS4 backward compatibility given that Next Gen PS5 will most likely be using similar architecture.
Microsoft proved that Backward compatibility does not block re-masters on the platform therefore Sony would be still able to ship remastered versions of the best PS4 games. Especially if they are done right.
But Sony should do even more. The PS4 has PS2 Classics available from the PlayStation Store so why not allow full PS2 library via emulation.
PlayStation Now, while fine, doesn’t even begin to cut it when it comes to encompassing all of the games released for the PS3. The PS 5 needs to have a strong if not at least promising array of older titles playable from the off.The buzz surrounding Microsoft’s plan to introduce backwards compatibility for the Xbox One going all the way back to the original Xbox shows that it’s a lot of effort but effort that ultimately pays off.
It also shows that it’s doable, so any excuses from Sony would just come across as hollow.

2. Cross Play

Sony have avoided cross-play this generation for two pretty understandable reasons: 1) as the dominant console, they don’t really need to, and 2) to protect their brand, that PlayStation is an “elite club”.
Cross-play would benefit Xbox and Microsoft much more than it would PlayStation and Sony, which is why Microsoft have been pushing for it and Sony have remained silent.
However, as games like Fortnite have proven, there’s a massive market out there of gamers who are eager to team up with their friends regardless of platform.
When you think about it, it’s a little wild that it’s 2018 and gamers across different consoles can’t play together.
Back in 2013 when the PS4 and Xbox One launched, cross-play wasn’t nearly as hot a topic as it is now.
When the next generation of consoles rolls around and yours is the one standing in the way of cross-play, is that a PR risk you can really take?

Sony don’t realize it, but finally relenting to demand and allowing cross-play could be a big seller for them when it comes to the PlayStation 5.

By finally pressing the button to allow cross-play & yes – apparently it’s that easy,
Sony would make the choice simpler for gamers as long as they kept up with their slew of exclusives and the perception of PlayStation as the gamer-first brand.
The margins between consoles are getting smaller and smaller, so the next generation is going to be won on how they’re presented to the public.

3. All Current and Future PS4 System and On line Features

It’s almost hilarious that the PS4 is coming into its fifth year and is only just getting the basic features of the PS3. Microsoft with Xbox One was not really better.
It took Sony years and years to let gamers be notified when a selected friend came online, which is crazy considering that it was a basic feature on the old machine.
Rather than releasing the framework of a very basic UI and a scant amount of customization to go with it, Sony need to ensure that the PS5 is up to snuff from the get go.
That means that things like organizing your games into folders should be a day one ability, as well as setting custom wallpapers and uploading them from a USB stick, to name just a few.

4. Improved Controller

Even though PS4 controller is an huge improvement over what we have been forced to use on PS3 there is still room for improvement.

Sony must improve triggers to make them bigger and more comfortable to use. Take Xbox One controller triggers as example.
They also need to get rid of the light-bar which is hardly ever used. If not get rid of it at least allow to turn it off to save battery.

5. Native 4K and 60 FPS Gaming

I placed this feature at the very bottom of the list as games resolution and frame-rate is being decided by developers and not Sony.
But it would be nice for Sony to make PS5 so powerful so all games will run in native 4K and 60 FPS.
If native 4K resolution and 60 was not possible for the most graphically demanding titles mandate devs to include performance and graphics modes so gamers get to choose how they want to play the game.

This feature is already in some PS4 PRO games which is very good news and it will be applied to many PS5 games most likely. But I want this feature to be a standard.
And this wraps up my list of top 5 PlayStation 5 features I would like to see at launch.
And what features you would like to see beeing added for Playstation 5.
Let me know in the comment section below so we could keep the conversation going.


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