Would You Pay $40 For XBOX ONE X As A Monthly Subscription?

Would You Pay $40 For XBOX ONE X As A Monthly Subscription - GamesTechnicaTom Warren, a well known journalist for The Verge was quite active on twitter recently.
In one of his tweets he asked his followers if they were prepared to pay a monthly subscription for a brand new Xbox with 2 years subscription for xbox Game pass and Xbox Live.

“Imagine if Microsoft offered the Xbox One X + Xbox Live Gold + Xbox Game Pass for a monthly subscription over 24 months…”

Interestingly enough I have heard of a similar idea back in xbox 360 era but i guess MS didn’t introduce it in the end.

But how about now. Does it sound like a good idea to you?

Let’s explore this for a second:


Xbox One X costs $500 at retail. Xbox Live is $60 a year so $120 for a 2 years subscription. Xbox game Pass would be additional $240 on top of that for 24 months subscription.
Summing this up gives us $860. We also have to consider some additional costs as I don’t believe MS would risk giving anybody the consoles out without some extra protection.
So if you add some insurance costs we would end up with a $1000 that would have to be paid off to MS at the very end of the contract. Divide it by 24 months and you end up with $41.6 monthly subscription.
My calculations are totally speculative of course as I have no official info on this nor I claim that Microsoft is really planning to do this.
But the question is. Would you be interested in such subscription. in such scenario you wouldn’t have to dish out $500 for a console and subscriptions day one. You would just pay monthly fee instead.

One could argue that you could just go to a bank and take a load but maybe Microsoft would be able to drop the costs a bit.
Either way let me know if this is something you would consider subscribing to?
Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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12 thoughts on “Would You Pay $40 For XBOX ONE X As A Monthly Subscription?”

      1. $40 a month for 2 years is $960….So you would be paying $960 for that console thats worth $400-500….Stupid people are why things like that shouldn’t exist, they don’t do basic math and don’t learn that they are paying twice for something to get it at welfare prices…More people need to learn how to properly budget their money, gaming is a want not a need in life


      2. That would be console with 2 years Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass subscription – so it’s not that bad 🙂


  1. Not a chance, quite simply because the Xbox One does not have enough decent Xbox One games to warrant such a ludicrous cost.


  2. May want to highlight the math in your article seem some sites N4G sharing and those that vist are bad at basic math. One persons doing the math for a six year generation seem like bad math or trying to knock the concept so it fails . Lol

    Liked by 1 person

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