COD Black Ops 4 Does Not Impress On PS4 PRO – Low Resolution & Performance Issues On PS4 & PS4 PRO


According to VG Tech’s analysis of Black Ops 4, PS4 uses a dynamic resolution with the lowest resolution found being 960×1080 and the highest resolution found being 1920×1080.

PS4 Pro uses a dynamic resolution when aiming at 2160p. The lowest native resolution was found to be 960×1800 and the highest native resolution found to be 1920×2160.
To reach 4K output PS4 Pro uses a temporal reconstruction technique that can improve the resolution for parts of the frame that are similar to previous frames.
Via the temporal reconstruction technique the PS4 Pro can reach a pixel count of 3840×2160 but this resolution seems to be very rarely reached.
The PS4 Pro does not offer super sampling on 1080p TVs and instead seems to render natively at 1920×1080.

So it looks like both PS4 and PS4 PRO struggle to run New Call of Duty at decent resolution and on top of that PS4 experiences big frame rate dips.
Game on regular PS4 run at around 50 FPS and dips to 45 fps. Luckily PS4 PRO offers much better performance very close to 60 fps.
Lets hope these issue going to be ironed out until games release.

We should also learn soon how well this game runs on other platforms as both Xbox One and PC get their betas soon so stay tuned.

COD Black Ops 4 – PS4 Edition

COD Black Ops 4 – Xbox One Edition

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