Obsidian Entertainment Letter-of-intent for an Acquisition by Microsoft Leaked

We all remember Phil Spencer announcing 5 new studios acquisition during this years E3.  They bought Playground Games, Compulsion Games, Undead Labs, and Ninja Theory. The Initiative is a brand new studio that MS is building from scratch.
This announcement was quite big in itself but it was not all. Shortly after E3 we started hearing more rumors about Microsoft being interested in even more studios.
Then just few weeks ago Matt Booty admitted that they are searching for AA studios which they could support and grow. And it looks like they did not throw words to the wind as Microsoft is getting ready to purchase Obsidian Entertainment.

Obsidian Entertainment is a AA studio well known for RPG games. They have made Fallout New Vegas, Star Wars KOTOR 2 and the latest one being Pillars of Eternity 2.
Microsoft has worked with them before on few projects in the past like KOTOR 2 which was released for OG XBOX and rumored Stormland for Xbox One which was canceled and nearly put Obsidian out of business.
Many said that Obsidian will never want to work with them again but it looks like Obsidian not only agreed to work with them again but also to be bought by them.

According to ResetEra user Obsidian Entertainment Letter-of-intent For An Acquisition by Microsoft has been prepared which means that there are getting ready to finalize the deal.
Now take this info with a grain of salt as this has not been officially confirmed by any party involved in this acquisition but it’s no secret that MS is looking for more studios.
If true this would be a big deal for Xbox owners as this developer with Microsoft backing would sure be capable of delivering great games and Xbox sure need good RPGs.
If I learn more about this I sure will be the first to report on this.
So stay tuned for more.

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