You Can Buy XBOX ONE X for $250 if You Trade In Your Old Console at Gamestop

If you are looking for a good deal on brand new Xbox One X Gamestop have you covered. They just introduced a new trade in program where if you trade in your PS4 PRO you get $300 credit towards new Xbox One X. If you trade in Xbox One S, PS4 or Nintendo Switch you get $250 credit and $200 credit for regular Xbox One.

gamestop offer

This offer is limited to US and Guam at the moment and it expires on 28/08/2018 so you still have some time to decide if you need an Xbox One X or not.

But I must admit that even though I’m not a fan of trading in of hardware this particular deal is very good.  You are getting a full price of a new console for your second hand hardware. Check the link to Gamestop website for all details. Note that the site may be available only for US and Guam based customers.

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