Microsoft Hires God of War’s Senior Producer and Lead Designer on RDR

During Xbox E3 2018 press conference Phil Spencer announced a new studio that Microsoft is building in Santa Monica. New studio is being lead by Daryl Gallagher who worked on many big projects in the past. His goal is to hire a team of talented devs to work on huge projects/games. And it looks like he is doing just that as he announced on ResetEra that a Senior Producer on God of War just joined his team. His name is Brian Westergaard and he was a Lead Producer/Senior Producer on ROTR and Senior Managing Producer on God of War. On top of that they hired Christian Cantamessa a Leader Writer and Designer on Red Dead Redemption.
He also put out a LinkedIn profile to the public so everyone can check what new devs joined them and there’s some talented people on that list. I guess we just have to wait to see what they can deliver with such talented people on board.  I sure be the first to report on that.

darel galagher


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