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Battlefield 5 May Support NVIDIA’s RTX Ray Tracing

NVIDIA is expected to announce a new series of gaming graphics cards this coming Monday the 20th of August. The RTX 20xx series of cards is to support real time ray tracing on a hardware level. During this event NVIDIA is to show not only new cards but also new games. We can only assume that they will be showing titles supporting these cards new features like ray tracing.

One of such titles for sure will be Metro Exodus which we know will be supporting ray tracing but it looks like Battlefield 5 may be getting Ray Tracing support as well.

PCGamesHardware discovered a ray tracing feature option in the game’s command console. It’s not clear if it’s already enabled – probably not yet – but it looks like BF5 will be getting this new feature.


On top of that, back in March when Microsoft and NVIDIA partnership for ray tracing support was announced, EA did confirm that their Frostbyte engine will be supporting this new tech. Battlefield 5 and many other EA games do actually run on Frostbyte. This leads me to believe that not only BF5 but also other upcoming EA games may receive ray tracing support.

I sure will be the first to report on this so stay tuned for more.

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