Battlefield 5 Low Pre-orders – EA Punished For Their Ignorance.

A lot of gamers decided skip pre-ordering Battlefield 5 which will hit EA financially big time. Different people have different reasons to stay away from Battlefield 5 this time around as there were few controversies around the game. We had some people having issues with women in the game, others complained about the game being very similar to previous Battlefield game but I think the main reason why so many will not support it is the publishers ignorance.

EA has been adopting some anti-consumer policies recently by forcing micro transactions and loot boxes which caused quite a backlash last year. On top of that one of the prominent members of EA executive board Patrick Soderlund has said that if gamers don’t like the changes in the game they don’t have to buy it. So it looks like gamers are starting to do just that. They are not getting the game pre-order.
Battlefield 5 is going to be a good game most likely and it’s sad to see it failing but gamers must teach these companies a lesson so this kind of approach do not happen again.
Will EA learn anything from this – I don’t know but If we accept everything these companies throw at us that’s not going to make things any better for sure.
It is also worth noting that Patrick Soderlund has left EA after being with the company for 12 years so maybe some steps have been taken to remedy the situation but as always we will have to wait and see.

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