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Xbox Scartlett Cloud May Be Announced As Early As Next Month

Xbox Project Scarlett is a codemane for family of Xbox devices that Microsoft is currently working on including next generation Xbox console and Xbox streaming console. First console is expected to release around 2020 but the later may be released earlier and there are multiple leaks suggesting that it may happen in October this year.

Few weeks ago first leaks about Project “Washburn” appeared on internet. Many believed that it’s a codename for Xbox Elite controller V2 but this was later debunked by well known journalist Tom Warren who claimed that “Washburn” is not a new controller. We also suggested that this is going to be a new Xbox hardware / accessory priced at $149.

This new hardware has not been shown during Gamescom 2018 but Tom claims that it’s still scheduled for release this October and it should be announced soon.

On top of that we found Stoffelpresents reporting that new Xbox may be announced as early as next week. They do talk about new xbox streaming device in the article.

All this makes me believe that the new xbox device may indeed be a streaming device priced at $149.  It would be yet another option for gamers to access Xbox games.

But at the end of the day we will have to wait for Microsoft to confirm it. And if this new device is scheduled to release this October it will not be a long wait.

Stay tuned for more information on this topic as I sure will cover it as soon as anything gets confirmed.

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