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Sony Announced “PlayStation Game Pass”

Ever since Xbox Game Pass was announced and went live it has proved to be quite of a success. Microsoft’s subscription service offers variety of games you can download on to your console for small fee. It’s a great value no doubt about this.

Many gamers including myself were wondering if Sony will ever react to this and it seems like they just did. Sony just announced that they are introducing game downloads for Playstation Now subscribers. If you are subscribed you can now download selected PS4 and PS2  games and play then on your PS4 as long as your PS Now subscription is valid.

This makes PS Now very similar to Xbox Game Pass as you play games locally for subscription fee but also adds few interesting features. First of all if you play a multiplayer game you don’t need PlayStation Plus subscription to play online which to me is a great perk. On top of that you still can stream all other games to your PS4 and PC.

For now only selected titles will be available for download but it looks like library of downloadable games should rise moving forward. There is one catch here though. You cannot download any of PS3 games to your PS4 as Sony’s latest console do not offer PS3 backward compatibility.

PS4 PRO owners will benefit from any graphics enhancements games may offer and this make a big difference especially if you game on a 4K panel.

So I’m very happy to see Sony coming out with this service and I sure hope to see more PS4 games being added to the service.

Let me know what do you think about it and if this is something you consider subscribing to.

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