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Multiple Xbox Scarlett Specs Possible – Super Specs vs Low Price

Back at this years E3 Xbox Boss – Phil Spencer confirmed that Microsoft is deep into designing new next gen Xbox consoles.
At the time many thought it was a slip up on Phil’s part but he later confirmed that there will be multiple consoles coming.

Shortly after E3 we have learned that One of these new consoles may be a streaming box – low specs, low price Xbox for masses.
Based on this leaks from Brad Sams of Thurrott I was of opinion the the real Next Gen Xbox is going to be only One.
I even publicly stated that it’s better and that Xbox One X may become a new base Xbox produced in 7nm – Smaller and Cheaper and clearly capable of running future games in 30 FPS at lower resolutions.

But it looks like I might have been wrong in my thinking as according to Jezz Corden of Windows Central Microsoft is working on multiple, differently specced next gen Xbox consoles.
These would allow different people to jump on next gen system even if they were tight on cash.
Assuming that there would be at lest 2 new consoles the less powerful one would have to be priced no higher than $300.
For that kind of price I could image an Xbox One X GPU Power level console with upgraded Ryzen CPU.
I’m interested to know if they deliver the same amount of memory as in Xbox one X to lower the price as well.

The premium console in this case could be a real beast and cost even $600 as Microsoft could always tell us to get a cheaper version if price of premium Xbox is to steep for us.

On one hand it makes sense as MS are giving gamers a choice and may bring on board those that normally would not afford it day one.

But on the other hand MS still have Xbox One X which is still a capable console and it looks like it’s may become obsolete as budget Xbox Scarlett potentially could become way better option.

So if this is true I don’t think Microsoft would produce Xbox One family of consoles after 2020 as this would just confuse a hell of everyone.
Either way Next Generation is looking to be super interesting with both Microsoft and Sony making all these moves.
New Studios, new Games and new hardware. How cool is that.

But Hey that’s just my opinion and this is a rumor so take this with a pinch of salt.

But please let me know what you think about it leaving a comment in the commend section bellow.

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